Best places to visit in 2016

Money is essential for our life, but it is important to collect memories through our life because it helps us to spend our final days peacefully. Traveling throughout the world is the best way to collect memories. Here in this article, I filled with the words of best places to visits in 2016. To visit various locations throughout the world, you need to have a valid visa with you. You can easily get it from b1 visa of Hyderabad. We can provide a visa for any country you want to visit. Ok, let see the list of best places to visits in 2016.

Botswana- Filled with thrill and romance of vintage safari


Botswana is the beautiful South African country filled with stunning landscapes, pristine wilderness, and fantastic game viewing. Okavango Delta is called as Jewel of the Kalahari; it is the largest delta in the world. The biggest group of African elephants can see in Chobe National Park. A magnificent sunset of Botswana makes evening time most useful. English is the premier language spoken here. For a U.S and Canadian citizen visa is not essential to visits but for another country citizen, it is important to have a permit. If you are Indian, it is easy to access visa from Hyderabad.

Australia – Scary as hell, beautiful as heaven

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Australia is the one of the nicest and unique continents in the world. It has many interesting places and things to explore. The epic beaches of Australia make you ask for a permanent visa to live there. The deserts in the Australia are the one of the unique deserts in the earth. The road trip to the wilderness is a perfect life changing trip; even though the roads are scary, you love the journey. Australia is the most favourite place of many explorers because of its tropical evergreen forest. Queensland is the town of old forests, green land, and fantastic parks. For pilgrimage travellers, Uluru is the best destination to visit. It was known as the Ayers Rock, is the giant free-standing rock in central Austria. Every people in Australia were Australian, and their mother tongue is English. Many types of visas are available for visiting Australia you can get any visa from kumartours hyderabad.

Greenland- filled with ice

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Greenland is not green it is white. It is the world largest continent covered on the rocks. It is the northern America territory but politically part of Denmark. It is the country with the total population of 60,000 people. The dramatic shoreline of Kayaking gives an excellent view of icebergs, northern settlements, seals, whales and various birds. Visit Kayaking offers great experiences, fun, and outdoor activity. The unique polar phenomena light appear from autumn in a Nordic country called Aurora Borealis. It seems because midnight sun. Tasiilaq is the biggest town in the Eastern Island. It was located in coastal area it has inhabitants about 2000. A national park in Greenland is the world largest national park covers entire northeastern part of Greenland about 972 000 km2. Blue River is the Crystal clear turquoise river is the most important and gorgeous wonder of Greenland. It always leaves its viewer speechless.

Iceland – Beauty of Nature


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Iceland is the Nordic Island country located in between North Atlantic and the Arctic Ocean. The total population of Iceland is 332,529. This country was compressed with many beauties of nature. Landmannalaugar is the favorite and popular tourist destination because it has multi-colored mountains, lava fields, and the Hekla volcano. Hiking and horse riding are the favorite activities to do here. Kirkjufell Mountain is the green mountain landscapes located in western Iceland. This mountain was surrounded by water surface and also it has small waterfalls add beauty to the mountain. The northern light also appeared here.

These countries are best picks of 2016 to visit. You need a visa to visit all those countries. You can get a visa in easiest way by contacting b1 visa consultants of Hyderabad. We can provide a visa for every country.

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