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Check your pnr status of Indian railways instantly. enter your 10 digit pnr number to check your pnr status. instant results  before you.

If you want to check your PNR status then you need to have your pnr number with you. Before explaining to you how to check pnr status, I want to tell you something about PNR. PNR stands for passenger name record which is given by the Indian railway department when an individual books a ticket to his destination. Pnr number contains 10 numeric digits on the top right of your railway ticket. It helps to check whether your railway ticket is confirmed to travel or not. Without the pnr status confirmation you are not allowed to travel in the train. So its very much important to check the pnr status before you entering into the train. Even if your ticket is not confirmed then you can also wait in the waiting list till your ticket gets confirmed.

pnr status

How to check PNR status

There are many ways to check pnr status. You can use your computer and internet connection and also you can use your mobile phone apps to check it. There is also another way to check it. You can also use your SMS to check it.

Checking with the internet : you need a computer and an internet connection to check it. You can open any pnr status results web page like Kumar tours to check it. There are many mobile phone applications also for android and apple phones to check the pnr status. Download the app and check for the status.

Checking with SMS : if you are having a mobile phone and you don’t have internet connection, then you can send an short message to 5888 with “PNR-NUMBER” Example, “9878675634” and send it to 5888 or 5676747. You will receive the reply with your pnr status.

Checking with landline phone : If you are not having a mobile and if you are having a landline phone in your home then you can call to 139 and listen for the instructions to get your pnr status.

Response codes

Response codes are nothing but the result of your pnr search. There are more than 10 response codes to identify whether your seat is confirmed or not. Example, after your pnr search if you get CNF then it means your seat is confirmed, or not you are in the waiting list. Below are the available response codes for your ticket.

CNF – Confirmed

RAC – Reservation Against Cancellation

WL – Waiting List

GNWL – General Wait List

PQWL – Pooled Quota Wait List

RLWL – Remote Location Wait List

CAN – Cancel

MOD – Modify



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