Why visit Dubai on this vacation?

Dubai, the Worlds expensive city, was also known as the United Arab Emirates. It was well known for its marvelous architecture, beautiful night scene, and luxury shopping. It is a gulf country located in the southeast of Persia. Dubai acts as the global city and business center for the Middle East. Dubai is the capital of extraordinary things. You have many reasons to visit Dubai some of the reasons was pointed here

Skylines almost touch sky

Dubai has one of the most magnificent and remarkable skylines in the world. The Burj Khalifa is the tallest building in the world which was in Dubai.  The total height of the building is 830 meters. It is the hotel, always open for tourists. From the top if Burj Khalifa you can see the significant growth of Dubai. The Burj Khalifa is the one of the seven-star hotels in the world. The hospitality in this hotel is something new; they have eight staff for one single guest. The total height of Burj Khalifa is three-time taller than Eiffel Tower and two times taller than Empire State building.  Because of their busy booking schedule, you need to book it in advance. For a booking, you can contact your Dubai tourist visa provider.

skyline dubai

 Purchase for lifetime

In Wonderful Dubai, shopping is a festival. Shopping festival in Dubai is the one of the prime reason to visit. Duty-free shopping is the one of the major features that encourages shopping in Dubai. The attractive packages and offers in Dubai mall make to spent you buy everything. Even though Dubai is the most expensive city in the world, discount and offers in Dubai makes your spending economic in a friendly way. Dubai is the shopping paradise. It is the home of world largest shopping mall.

UAE - Dubai: Dubai International Airport - shopping area - photo by B.Henry

UAE – Dubai: Dubai International Airport – shopping area – photo by B.Henry

Man-Made Architecture

The Palm Island is the world’s first manmade island. Palm Jumeirah is the series of islands connected with one another that look like Palm tree.  Expressing the beauty of Island by words is impossible. Finally, they can sell Island for you. If you have money to buy it.  Nightlife in Palm Jumeirah is excellent with night parties and club.

palm_island dubai

Indoor Snow Park

Ski Dubai is the indoor ski resort. It was 22,500 square meters resort. One side of the resort was filled with snow. This snow park was considered as the one of the biggest indoor snow parks in the world.


Multicultural Nation

More than 200 nationalities houses in Dubai, even though 90% of the population in Dubai was filled with foreigners but they call Dubai as their home.  It is the one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world. The diversity on show in the city is unparalleled. Major population for Dubai is from the India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and other European countries.

You can visit Dubai as a tourist with Dubai tourist visa. In Dubai, they have strict rules if someone did something messy he or she will be punished severely.

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